Building plots for sale

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Building plots for sale

Acquire a land on the coast, close to beaches and facilities is not an easy thing to do 

because of the scarcity of available land.

The coasts of Brittany, Loire-Atlantique and Vendée arouse genuine enthusiasm from 

buyers either with a project of second home or permanent living for retirees.

These past decades the coastline has been steadily developed, therefore today less 

and less plots are available for new projects.

Moreover, given this land pressure and the urge to protect the coastline historical 

patrimony and natural environment, laws have brought a restrictive framework. 

The Loi Littoral (Coastal Law) from January 3, 1986 aims to control real estate 

development and protect the coast from land speculation. This law guaranties as well 

free access for all to public coastal paths. 

To avoid the urban planning errors of the past, to promote the geographic and 

geological diversity and protect the flora and fauna, the Coastal Law requires a 

mandatory distance of 100 meters between the buildings and the shore line strictly 

unbuildable - excepted in urbanised areas. 

To find a building plot is certainly very difficult, but not entirely impossible.

Demeures du Littoral agents are on the watch for such opportunities and provided 

you tell us of your research, we will keep you informed as soon as such a properties 

is available.

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