Castles and manor houses for sale in Bretagne, Vendée and Loire-Atlantique

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Castles and manor houses for sale in Bretagne, Vendée and Loire-Atlantique

To live in a castle or a manor house by the sea or in the countryside is a dream that can be fulfilled : in Bretagne, Vendée and Loire-Atlantique Demeures du Littoral agents will help you achieve your dream. They will present you beautiful castles for sale.

The castle remains, in the common perception, an imposing building consisting of specific elements such as towers, turrets and watchtowers, and whose exceptional size distinguishes it form ordinary dwellings.

It is often surrounded by parklands which shield it from view or, on the contrary, conspicuously visible from afar, staged by a majestic ironwork gate and tree-lined alley.


A castle, remnant of French history and of the past of prominent families, is a tangible and strong mark of that former life and a witness to the know-how of our predecessors in regard of the construction of stately homes.


Bretagne and Pays-de-Loire regions are rich of these remarkable monuments, from medieval time, Renaissance period or 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and we are set on highlighting the specificities of each of them.


Fortresses, castles having in their past belong to artists or writers, family residences or country houses, we are thrilled by the stories that all these castles still have to tell us. These unique places offer us a vision of mystique and romance, an extraordinary environment...


Manor houses use to be the country estate of nobles, of medium size they were to be found in Bretagne from the medieval time. They were built to give the nobles a dwelling   while overseeing their lands and vassals and were often meant to be imposing rather than defensive. Later on they were homes to local worthies, merchants and shipowners. These country estates could be very large, the manor house was built in stone roofed by  slates and despite being partly ornamental, it was usually built with some defence features such as moats and drawbridges. More than often it was flanked by a tower to lodge the stone staircase. Next to the main house were to be found the outbuildings, servants lodgings, mills, dovecote, bread ovens, wells, fish tanks...


The authenticity and richness of this regional architecture creates a craze among a number of buyers and allows these characterful witnesses of the past to be respectfully restored. They are in France an important item of the Luxury real estate market.


Your dream of living in a castle or a manor house may not be so farfetched, we can help you become one of the guardians of this patrimony. Contact us and tell us about your project.

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