Contemporary luxury properties or architect houses in Brittany, Loire-Atlantique and Vendée.

  • Contemporary luxury properties
Contemporary luxury properties or architect houses in Brittany, Loire-Atlantique and Vendée.

Contemporary, modern or ecological friendly, your project is to buy a comfortable villa

designed by an architect and offering high level accommodations : Demeures du Littoral has selected a number of properties that meet these criteria  and is at your disposal for more information.

Contemporary residential architecture is particularly appealing to us and offers a wide range of styles. Thanks to the ingenuity of the architects and the technological evolution of the different building materials, construction has considerably evolved in last decades. Nowadays it takes into account parameters such as the integration of the buildings in their environment as well as the energy savings latest requirements. 


Indeed, it is a major concern of the public authorities that new buildings meet with the standards of the Local Town Planning Schemes and urge architects to think about a better integration of the new buildings into landscapes and natural environment.

Stunning modern houses are built with such a concern that they harmonise with the slopes of the land and melt into the greenery thanks to their innovative ‘green-roofs’. Todays contemporary houses thrive on their natural surroundings!


Indoors, the luxury of these modern houses appears in a subtle balance between large volumes, innovating building materials, light and colours. Combined with high tech equipment and home automation these contemporary villas offer outstanding services that are not easy to find in less equipped and more basic constructions. They are designed to provide their inhabitants the best living environment they long for.


They can be single storied, with a swimming pool, in a coastal setting or in the country side, located in Bretagne, in Loire-Atlantique or Vendée, all these villas boast many qualities.

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