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Islands for sale

Demeures du Littoral team specialises in private islands transactions in Bretagne more specifically in Côtes d’Armor, Finistère, Morbihan and Loire-Atlantique areas. 

They present you some of these few prized properties on the market.

Who has not dreamed of owning his very own island, to be able to get away from civilisation and its bustle, to escape the drudgeries of modern life...

Our Breton coast is rich in these little 360° waterfront havens where nature is protected, where the lapping of the waves mingles with birdsongs. The number of private islands being extremely limited it is therefore a real privilege to be one of the few owners of these small pieces of isolated land. Owing an island is a true privilege and a sought-after luxury.

With experience and expertise, our agents will provide guidance and support to help you find the property the best suited to your expectations and dreams. Whether a tiny island or a larger one, boasting one or more dwellings and a vast piece of land, each site is unique with its own advantages and challenges.

One property matches your search