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You are looking for a luxury property for sale in Bretagne, Loire-Atlantique and 

Vendée ? Demeures du Littoral agents will help you and guide you in your proposed 

acquisition and present you with their selection of sea view properties, private islands 

or castles, manors and mansions.

The luxury real estate is a specific market that relates to ancient but also 

contemporary properties.

We find the expression of luxury in these beautiful stately buildings that are castles, 

manors or mansions but also in more contemporary and architect houses, beachfront 

villas or sea views properties as well as in longères and some apartments.

Either single storey or with several levels, the architecture of contemporary villas 

move towards a better integration in the environment and with an energy saving 

concern. It takes advantage of such natural materials as glass, wood, stones and 

the interior of these exceptional villas play with space, volumes, light, colours and 


Facilities also participate to the luxury of the house and the comfort of the residents. 

With home automation the openings, lighting or heating and security systems will be 

centralised and monitored.

The installation of different types of equipment facilitates the maintenance of the 

house, with for example a central vacuum system or the possibility to hide unsightly 

items (such as radiators hidden in mirrors or way mirror hiding a TV) or with 

equipments that make daily life easier through innovative devices such as touch 

sensitive taps...

All these luxury fixtures and fittings combine to create a filling of exceptional qualities

Luxury real estate is as much about the interior as the outside of the properties, 

parks and garden participate to the quality of life and well-being of its occupants and 

are the frame who enhances the architecture of the buildings.

Location is also an important element of luxury when this location is sought after and 

rare - we are talking here of waterfront properties with superb sea views and direct, 

and private access to the beach.

Specialised in this field, Demeures du Littoral invite you to browse the pages of our 

website to discover these exceptional properties.


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