Rural prestige real estate

  • Rural prestige real estate
Rural prestige real estate

Demeures du Littoral, a real estate agency specialising in seaside properties,

presents you with a selection of fine rural dwellings. 

For confidentiality purpose some of our prestige properties for sale are not featured 

on our website so please contact us and let us know about your project and plans.

Countryside living is appealing for many. Brittany and Vendée country offers

gorgeous landscapes, absolutely stress free rural areas where forests, rolling hills 

and clear lakes and streams prevail. They lure visitors who long for authenticity and 

are eager to discover ancient stone houses and hedged land properties.

Demeures du Littoral agents will guide you from Côtes d’Amor to Ille et Vilaine, from 

Finistère to Morbihan, Loire-Atlantique and Vendée. They are dedicated to finding 

the very best properties : castles, manor houses, large stone and slate renovated 

longères, authentic river or sea tide mills, character houses and stunning villas. This 

selection thus includes all properties located more than 15 km from the coast and in 

a beautiful countryside environment.

Demeures du Littoral agents offer advices and the benefit of their experience to help 

you discover these beautiful places and properties. Please contact them !

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