• Sea view

To purchase a sea view property is a dream shared by many. Demeures du Littoral’s team selects for you the most beautiful locations in Brittany, Vendée and Loire-Atlantique.

These properties compel and capture the imagination of prospective owners, but from dream to reality the steps are many. To purchase a sea view property will be very expensive, scarce locations leading to high prices. Compared with the «classic» real estate market, the number of «sea view» or «seaside» properties is much smaller and each location is unique.


The quality of the view is rated according to the width of the field of view and the panorama. The luxury of these properties is to offer breathtaking views of the coast line,

the open sea and the maritime traffic such as for some properties in Loire-Atlantique and Finistère, or panoramic views on islands in Golfe du Morbihan or from the Pink Granite and Emerald Coasts villas in Côtes d’Armor.

Some properties enjoy unobstructed fine views on the coast or on rivers banks but from a farther distance.


There are two types of properties with sea view : properties with sea views but no direct access to the water, and beachside properties with direct and private access to the sea, with no road or public grounds to cross. This important feature is certainly an added value to the property.


These criteria are to be considered when you want to acquire a property with a view along with the type of building, the habitable surface and the possibilities to develop or extend the surface.


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