Single storey dwellings

  • Single storey dwellings
Single storey dwellings

Demeures du Littoral, a real estate agency specialising in seaside properties, 

presents you with a selection of fine single storey houses in Brittany, Loire-Atlantique 

or Vendée.

The demand in single storey living is an increasingly frequent request from buyers 

who will want to occupy their home for as long as possible.

Single storey property means that the house or the apartment offers single storey 

accommodation, with no stairs to get inside the house or to access to upper floors. 

In this case the acquisition of land is more consequent although the single storey 

houses could have a basement.

To chose one level accommodation can derive from a preference but also from 

necessity. Accessible and convenient accommodation is a need for a wide range of 

the population, from households with young children to older people and persons 

with temporary or permanent physical impairment.

New regulations, fortunately, require from builders to meet with accessibility criteria 

such as the width of doors or the minimal surface of rooms such as bathrooms, 

sanitary,... This will be existing in newly build houses when accessibility features in 

ancient properties will certainly be lacking. Interior refurbishment work could then 

provide a response to these needs.

Demeures du Littoral, well aware of this developing request offers a selection of fine 

villas, sea view properties, apartments, longères and character properties which are 


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