Properties with a swimming pool

  • Properties with a swimming pool
Properties with a swimming pool

You want to buy a property in France and a private swimming pool is high on your

list of requirements, Demeures du Littoral, specialist in beautiful seaside properties in 

Brittany, Loire-Atlantique and Pays de Loire present you with a selection of properties 

for sale, each featuring a swimming pool.

In response to the growing demand for properties with swimming pools, Demeures 

du Littoral has chosen to take into account this particular request by devoting a 

section that will allow our clients to quickly view the offers.

A private pool, shimmering blue back drop to your house, is aesthetically rewarding. 

Furthermore it has a positive financial impact on the value of the property but more 

important, it is the place where you will enjoy a swim or simply relax by the pool to 

take the sun or have fun and enjoy family and friends gatherings. 

For some prospective owners, looking either for a permanent home or a holidays 

residence, an existing pool or the possibility to build one is mandatory.

In the country or even at the sea side, to have a swimming pool represent a 

permanent improvement which, when covered or indoors or heated, can be used 

over a long period of the year.

To build a private (in-ground) swimming pool with all its equipment is a significant 

investment which is moreover subject to various standards. The most important 

relates to the safety devices. 

Currently, in case of a sale the sellers must, in addition to the mandatory diagnostics, 

inform the buyer about the pools security system : 

Thus, according to the law of January 3, 2003 and the decree of December 31, 

2003 the private open in-ground pools for individuals use must be equipped with a 

standardised safety device to prevent the risks of drowning.

Therefore, the seller must provide the notary with a copy of the technical report from 

the installer. For the swimming pools built before that date, since January 1st, 2006 

they must have been equipped with a standardised safety system.

This means that when buying a property with a pool in France, buyers are allow 

to enjoy their swimming pool immediately without worrying about safety device or 

upgrading works.

Regarding the location of the basin, the integration with a character building such 

as a Breton manor or a castle should be carefully considered. While pools are 

often quite close to contemporary villas, a swimming pool set up too close to an old 

building may affect its authenticity. It is wiser to plan the pool area at some distance 

of buildings of character.

And so, various aspects have to be taken into account when buying a property with a 

pool but Demeures du Littoral agents are available to advise you.

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