Luxury real estate in Vendée

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Luxury real estate in Vendée

Demeures du Littoral presents you with prestige properties in Vendée, selected for 

their charm and location.

The Vendée is one of the fastest developing departments in France, in terms of 

economy and demography. It is attractive not only to retirees settling on the coast but 

also to working people attracted by the economic vitality and the low unemployment 


Alongside the Atlantic coast, just south of the Loire river, Vendée is a sun-soaked,

well though after department boasting a number of resorts up and down the sandy 

coast, commonly with a backdrop of pine trees. It offers a wide variety of landscapes: 

the Marais Poitevin, the most impressive and beautiful marsh in France, the Vendée 

bocage steeped in history, islands such as the Isle of Yeu and Noirmoutier Island 

whose sandy beaches are so peaceful. 

Vendée is also rich from a important cultural and historical heritage, numerous 

monuments and sites testify to the past. From medieval times to Renaissance, from 

the XVIIIth century to the more recent XIXth century, castles and mansions are 

spread over the entire department each with their specific features and history.

Who has not dreamed of being the proud owner of a beautiful mansion, centuries old 

and surrounded by a landscaped park....

Demeures du Littoral, specialising in Luxury real estate in Vendée, is dedicated to 

helping you realise your dreams through a suggested list of prestige properties, 

castles and mansions, villas with sea views and seaside properties, on the mainland 

or on the island of Noirmoutier.

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