Water front properties

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 Water front properties

To purchase a beach property is the ultimate dream... Demeures du Littoral’s team 

selects for you the most beautiful locations in Brittany, Vendée and Loire-Atlantique. 

Our agents offer the finest homes with uninterrupted sea view and direct access 

to the sea. They will help you fulfil your dream and will suggest the prestigious 

properties that match your search and advise you in this so specific market.

This niche market covers a relatively small number of properties, all these prized 

dwellings located in a maritime or river area, with no road or public grounds to cross 

to access the water. The view must be unobstructed and the access to the beach or 

a creek easy, often by means of a gate open in the property boundary.

The luxury to adjoin directly the sea implies a price that is assessed on the location.

Given the extensive experience of Demeures du Littoral agency, our agents are able 

to advise you and guide you in your project.

In the Côtes d’Armor, in Perros-Guirec and Trébeurden sea side resorts, on the 

Emerald Coast, in Ille et Vilaine, in the Finistère or in the Morbihan as well as in 

Loire-Atlantique, some beautiful beach dwellings are available.

For confidentiality purpose some of our prestige properties for sale are not featured 

on our website so please contact us and let us know about your project and plans.

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